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Monday, June 13, 2011

Gotcha Day!

Believe it or not, it was my mother who reminded me recently that two years ago we left for Rwanda this day. I think THAT is worthy of a blog post!

So we are reading our blog from start to finish as a family- going thru it all again to remember the story, the search, the commitment, the struggle that was our paper pregnancy to Pacifique. And we are planning something special for this wee child- now 2.5 years old- who we met for the first time on the 16th, passed court with on the 19th and had forever with us on the 24th of June.

I've had Pacifique on my brain lately as two years later I learn to deepen my love and acceptance of him and as I fall back in love with his Mother Country, Rwanda. I've got every movie "Rwanda" in my Netflix queue, I'm starting a bibliography of Rwandan history and culture books, and yes... I'm dreaming of returning there. I don't know what is happening inside me, but something is brewing.

Perhaps what is brewing is simply our son, who likes us to call him Mugisha. Blessing.


Anonymous said...

Happy "Gotcha Day"! Thank you for the update. I check your blog every once in a while to see if you have posted. It is wonderful to see a current photo of Paci. I sometimes wonder how he is, what his personality is like, and how everything is going for you and your family. Thank you for including your blog readers during your adoption journey. Any updates you feel moved to share with us are truly a gift. Peace.
Jenn W

Anonymous said...

Thank you LORD

Jessica,let me give you a proverb in our local language kinyarwanda for MUGISHA or MIGISHA that i wish personally to name him that he will have to think about.
means that to remember kindly and recognize forever your benefaction to him.


Anonymous said...

This is Diana, j's mum, who is no more comfortable with the ether, than I was two years ago, but still so very very grateful for all the hearts this blog has drawn together. I suppose a hundred years ago, there would have been round robin letters.

Pacifique and Ariah are my heart. I love them so. They are both funny inventive, loving and lovable children, and of course to this grammie, the dearest. Paci is always surprising us, and is the fastest, busiest child I have ever encountered. I still marvel and tear up upon marveling, thinking of the huge , strong, tender, inevitable tide of Love that drew him to us, and us to him.
I meant to write this on July 2, the anniversary of return day- Paci in arms , to a sopping wet Logan airport. I am overcome now, thinking of our daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren, enfolded in our arms, aching with fatigue, and bursting with joy.
I too am grateful that this blog continues. Mugisha, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Jaya, thank you for this recent post! I was thinking of you and stopped in to see a photo of your sweet boy. Sending love and peace your way.

Kristi from IL&R

Well-Rounded Mama said...

I too stop by periodically to see if there are recent photos of your lovely family.

What a wonderful surprise to see one today! Yay! Thank you for sharing. What an adorable little guy you have there, and how much he's grown!

I hope you will continue to post periodic updates and photos as you are able. We love you and want to know how you are doing. It's a real treat to see an update!


Anonymous said...

This is Jaya's mum , thinking that it is time for me to write again. P will be three soon, and he has grown so and is so very possessive of every person and creature in his family, in a good way. As I research a gift to give him which will be just right, I am excited to be in the world of small boys and what sparks imagination, and realizing how delicious this time is, and how transitory. Before you know it , the 'Circle Game' will have run the course, and he and big sister(whom he absolutely worships) will be off on wings of their own. I began to grasp nearly 25 years ago, a feeling that has become a Rock, a Truth to hold onto. I told a lovely friend who had just suffered a cruel miscarriage- not even knowing that it was how I really felt- "I love all the babies, the ones I get to meet and the ones I do not". I cannot imagine life without this dear one, this grinning, hugging little armful of funny wonder and surprises; but I have been forced to imagine life here on earth without his brother Trace present. I am left with a fierce love for these two boys, and it is a reflection of a more powerful Love. I am grateful, this sunny nippy October 25th. For all the babies, and all the love.

Eugenie van Ruitenbeek said...

Dear Jaya, so good to see your lovely son. He is absolutely gorgeous. I will always remember you and Trace. Love, Eugenie

Anonymous said...

Another gotcha day-yesterday June 19th! number 4 if you count the first. Yay , Paci! We love you and your family.

Love and hugs from Bubby and Big PopPop